A friendly reminder that all Peppa-Jo Patterns are my own designs and copyright is expressly reserved.  You may not use these patterns for commercial gain.  You may not copy, distribute or teach any of these patterns without written permission from Peppa-Jo Patterns.

Friendship Garden - Small Framed Stitchery ©
Method: Embroidery
Approximate Size: 15 x 20 cm
Price: R35.00

The pattern doesn’t include the buttons shown.You don't even have to use any buttons at all, you can stitch in the sections, or you can use some of your own buttons to personalise the pattern.

Little Pickle - Mini Wall Hanging ©
Method: Applique & patchwork
Approximate Size: 6 x 3 1/2 inches (15 x 9 cm)
Price: R35.00

Denim Daisy - Bag ©
Method: Machine stitching & applique
Approximate Size: Body of bag is 10 x 9 inches (27 x 24 cm)
Price: R60.00

Bloomin' Marvelous - Wall Hanging ©
Method: Applique & patchwork
Approximate Size: 24 x 23 inches (62 x 52 cm)
Price: R60.00

Fat Cat - Wall Hanging ©
Method: Applique & patchwork
Approximate Size: 23 x 14 inches (60 x 38 cm)
Price: R60.00

"Cats leave their paw prints on your heart!"

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Wall Hanging ©
Method: Applique & patchwork
Approximate Size: 27 x 20 inches (69 x 51 cm)
Price: R60.00

Serendipity- Wall Hanging ©
Method: Patchwork & stitchery
Approximate Size: 24 x 21 inches (60 x 54 cm)
Price: R60.00

"Don't walk infront of me
I may not follow
Don't walk behind me
I may not lead,
Walk next to me and be my friend"
                                                       Albert Camus

Tin Bins - Scrap Bins ©
Method: Applique & stitchery
Approximate Size: Various recycled coffee tins
Price: R60.00

"No bit too big
No scrap too small
Pop it in the bin
And re-use them all"

Guardian Angel - Wall Hanging ©
Method: Stitchery
Approximate Size: 12  x 15 inches (32 x 40 cm)
Price: R40.00

"Angels near, far and wide always close by your side"

Build-A-Bloom - Fabric Flowers ©
Method: Machine or hand stitching
Approximate Size: Various
Price: R30.00

Cell Bags - Cell Phone Pouches ©
Method: Machine stitching & applique
Approximate Size: Adjustable to the size of your phone
Price: R30.00

Pumpkin Patch - Sewing Accessory Kit ©
Method: Machine, hand stitching & applique
Approximate Size: Various
Price: R30.00

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