Friday, 9 December 2011

A Quick & Easy Gift Idea

For the Masterpiecers Christmas party, I spoilt everyone with a special Christmas Nearly Nothing.   For the occasion, I prettied up the usual Nearly Nothing packaging to make it more festive!  When I saw how wonderfully they turned out, I decided to share this nifty gift idea with everyone.

Here’s what you do...

Take your normal Nearly Nothing, and tie some raffia around it like a package.   I used Red and Natural to keep with the theme.
Then, make yourself some little labels.  For mine, I printed a tiny photo of the Nearly Nothing and glued it to a heart shaped cut-out.

Gift Tags in Progress

Attach your labels to the raffia and Viola!  A quick and easy Christmas gift!!


These little Nearly Nothing packages would make great stocking fillers for the quilter in your life.  Or, add them to your kids stash to encourage them  to take up a new hobby:)

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