Friday, 2 March 2012

First Quilts Giveaway!

For many years I loved patchwork and quilting from afar. I never dreamed that I could create such beautiful, intricate masterpieces. When I had my two children, I was lucky enough to be able to take a few years off to be a full-time mom. During this time, I attempted a log cabin cushion. It was a disaster. Sadly, I thought all my fears were confirmed and I was doomed to admire and never ‘do’.

One Saturday morning, I happened to see some stunning quilts at a local fete. Of course, I went straight over to take a closer look and do you know what I saw? They were not perfect! I was amazed to see that not all the points and corners met! That was just the inspiration I needed to try again. And that’s how I started my first quilt... but thats another story altogether.

First quilts are special and I still have mine, besides the fact that no one would want it. I love to look back on it and see just how far I have come and how techniques have changed. I would love to hear the story of your first quilt, good or bad!

To make it more fun, by sharing your story with me, you stand a chance to win a fat quarter and 3 Peppa-Jo Nearly Nothings. I will also feature a selection of the stories on the blog, with your permission of course;)  This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere as long as your stories are in English or French.

Remember, all you have to do is share your first story with us. Send an email to and put First Quilt Giveaway in the subject line! This giveaway is open for the entire month of March so there is plenty of time to get your story written and shared. It can be as long, or short as you like.

Check back this weekend to read my very own first quilt story. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing yours:)

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