Friday, 6 April 2012

First Quilts Giveaway Winners!

Hello everyone
Yes, you heard right.... there were so many interesting entries that I decided to pick two winners instead of one!  I narrowed it down to a hand full, put those in a bowl.....

and viola!....


Thanks to everyone else who sent in stories, I would have loved to make you all winners! But don't worry because there will be more giveaways soon!

Now for the first of the winning stories, short and sweet from Saskia!

"Sorry for my poor English, but this is the story of my fist quilt.
This is a picture of my first quilt.

Is has more than 1000 pieces. I started this in 1989, it became an UFO and I finished it 10 years later.
To cover some mistakes I put a button on every star-centre.
The pieces that connect the stars are in red and green. (Yes I was short in red and finished with green. It is not the best option)
I wish my English was better to tell more..."

Saskia Smit

Thanks Saskia, your quilt is stunning!!

Watch this space for Penny's story soon.

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