Sunday, 6 May 2012

More cats!

I feel I need to tell this little guy's story!

During the Christmas holidays last year - 2011, we had family visiting from up country.  One evening we were having a braai outside on the deck, and my niece asked brightly how many kittens we had? WHAT????!!!!!

Low and behold, peeking out from between the plants at the bottom of the pool, was this beautiful little guy, only a couple of weeks old and his stunning mom! They were very wild and disappeared into the undergrowth every time they realised they had been seen!

Of course, me being me, I couldn't bear the thought of mom having to forage for food while she had a hungry little man constantly clamouring for milk at every opportunity, so I started to leave food and water out for her at the end of the pool.  Soon I noticed she was sneeking into the kitchen to eat Fatty Boom Boom's food as well.

Fatty Boom Boom

When her kitten was about three months old, she suddenly disappeared and left him to fend for himself in our garden.  By this time he had learnt where the food was and would also sneek in and help himself.  Fatty was very tolerant, he growled and swiped at him if he got to forward, but there was never any malice involved. He was simply letting the young whipper snapper know who was boss!

Well of couse I slowly started taming him and the rest is history......

Mom eventually re appeared, very wild still, but now lets me stroke her, so we are getting to know each other better day by day! Still haven't managed to get a decent photo of her yet though.

Up until now he has just been known as 'the kitten' but I guess it is time to give him a proper name. 

SO....... I would love to have some suggestions from everyone!  If you have any cute, quirky or fun names, please leave a comment with your suggestions!

Enjoy these moggies as well!

Beth's Cats

Fat Cat

Cats Rule!

All available on the various pattern pages!


  1. He is so cute! Still think you should call him Fruitcake;)

  2. He is a bit of a fruit cake I must say!!!

    Come on every one I need more input! haha


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