Sunday, 28 April 2013

Moving.....things I love and things I hate

Well I am back after over a month of enforce "quietness", can't say rest as it was anything but! thought that when I had babies that didn't

sleep, I was tired.  I thought that when I had sick children, I was tired.  I thought when we used to party, I was tired.  Well, let me tell you some thing, I have NEVER been so tired in all my life than after packing up 21 years of our lives in 4 weeks!

It all happened so quickly, we sold our house and the buyer wanted us out fast, so we got out fast!  This is just the first instalment of our move, but more about that later!  To fill you in on what I've been up to since my last post, I thought I would share my moving loves and hates:

Things I Loved About Moving

Finding forgotten treasures:

My daughter's first toy!

An application from my grandfather for his learner's license  Check out the date!!

                                                My new front garden!

Also, going to bed and waking up to the sound of the sea, seeing pelicans in the lagoon from our window, watching the mongoose troop eating on the front lawn and finally being able to put our feet up and relax!

Things I Hated About Moving

Not being able to take my babies with me:

The CONSTANT mess, going through piles and piles of stuff that should have been thrown out long ago and feeling like it is never going to end!  I also lost my camera cable which means all these photos are taken with my phone! Sorry for the poor quality!

But now we are sorted and happy and feeling more relaxed by the day! We have even been able to listen to some good music:

Drink good coffee in peace:


And of course, best of all, getting our Internet back up and running!  One of these days I will even be able to start sewing again.  My parting pearl of wisdom for any of you who may be moving in the future?  DON'T HOARD, IF YOU HAVEN'T USED IT FOR AWHILE GET RID OF IT!  Trust me, it'll make your life much easier!


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