Thursday, 13 June 2013

The dream that never happened!

Last weekend, my incredibly generous boss, Dr Anca Pirjol, booked us all into the five star Fordoun Hotel and Spa for the weekend for a much needed wind down from our stressful job- a very busy oncology practice.

The plan was to close at 12 on Friday and take a chilled drive up to Nottingham Road (not far, 2 hours tops). Now this is where my dream begins...... at dawn on Saturday, we would meet on the lawns at Fordoun and go hot air ballooning!!!! This is something I have wanted to do since I found that hot air ballooning existed, so to say I was excited is the understatemnet of the year!

Alas, we were all up (11 of us) bright and early in the freezing morning air only to discover that the wind was too strong! We went through the whole scenario again on Sunday morning to wake up to cold, rainy skies!



To be so close to fulfilling my dream and then not being able to was heartbreaking. Anyway, what will be will be, at least I got some awesome photos!

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