Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Peppa-Jo Fan Feature - Monique Every

Welcome to the very first Peppa-Jo Fan Feature of 2012. Monique, my beautiful daughter, my indispensable right hand woman and my greatest fan (bless her heart!) is my choice of fan feature for this month. Her unique way of looking at life and her different interpretation of things shows how a little bit of imagination and flair can be used to personalise just about anything!

Here is her interpretation of the Denim Daisy Bag:   
Because she is not a quilter (yet), I asked her slightly different question than usual. Here are her answers:
Have you ever sewn before?
Yes, I have made a few bits and pieces. A teeny quilt, some skirts and of course, the Denim Daisy bag!!

What made you decide to try Denim Daisy?
None of the shops had what I was looking for and the Denim Daisy design was an almost perfect fit! I just made the strap slightly wider and the rest is history.

Did you enjoy making it, was it easy to follow?
It was super easy to make. I really don’t sew much and even with my limited experience of following patterns, I put it together in afternoon. I would definitely recommend it for beginners and experts alike!

Thanks Monique:)

Remember, if you would like to be part of our monthly Peppa-Jo fan Feature, send me some pics and your contact details to

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