Saturday, 21 January 2012

Friendship Garden

And now for another one of those new patterns I promised you. Introducing the Friendship Garden Stitchery:

There is a little bit of a story behind this one. When I first started running my Peppa-Jo stand at the KZNQG, I was moved around quite a bit. Eventually, I was settled at the back of the hall next to Lowell of Friendship Buttons. We hit it off immediately. The KZNQG meeting always meant a chance for a few laughs and a catch-up. We watched each other stands (a girl has got to have her tea!), shared change and recommended each other’s wares to customers. Her handmade Friendship Buttons were always a hit and over the short time that we knew each other, I collected quite a few myself. Sadly, Lowell passed away a little while ago and I miss her company at the meetings. I decided to design a little stitchery in memory of Lowell and Friendship Buttons and as a celebration of those unexpected friendships we form in life.

The Friendship Garden stitchery is great to brighten up a corner, or to add a little personality to your desk at work. Even better, give it to a friend as a celebration of your own friendships! For more information on this pattern, click on over to our Patterns page.


PS: The pattern doesn’t include the buttons shown. You don't even have to use any buttons at all, you can stitch in the sections, or you can use some of your own buttons to personalise the pattern. Sue of Sew Together bought what was left of Friendship buttons. You can find her at the KZNQG on the 3rd of March or at her shop in Amanzimtoti

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