Monday, 30 April 2012

Cats Galore......!

I love animals, both dogs and cats, and I have been threatening to make a cat quilt for quite sometime now but , as usual, I have so much on my plate it has never happened!

Now, however, I am totally 'reinspired' (is that a word?)!  I was given these awesomely cute cross stitch cats by my mom-in-law, Henriette, who is the cross stitch queen! How can I not turn them into a cheeky cat quilt!  I even have a friend from Paarl in the Cape who is donating some of her very precious cat fabric that she has been collecting for donkey's years! 

But of course, nothing beats the real thing..... isn't he a honey!!??


  1. He is so cute!! Have you picked a name yet?

  2. Actually, no we haven't yet! Any ideas....?


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