Saturday, 6 October 2012

Goodbyes are hard.....

Today a very dear friend of mine left to go and live in Australia...and while I wish her joy and wealth and health in her new home, I find I am missing her already!

We have shared tears and laughter and many, many happy hours stitching and chatting through the years.  Isn't it marvellous though that even so far away we can still remain in contact within minutes when ever the fancy takes us!

Look at how she has spoilt me!

I love bags, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned!
This beautiful little quilt won her a place in the monochromatic quilt challenge held a her local quilters guild. I am delighted to be the new owner!

Good friends are not a dime a dozen, so treasure the ones you have and always remember that friendship is a two way street!
Take care El! xxxx


  1. Goodbyes are terrible:( At least you have some good reminders of her xx

    1. Asolutely and all made by her as well. Extra special!


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