Saturday, 5 January 2013

Briarside Lane

Well, I know it is 9 days since Christmas, and I know I should have done this post on Christmas night BUT I have been too busy drooling over this very special Christmas present from my extra awesome daughter!  What, what what you may ask.....?!

Briarside Lane - by Michelle May of The Raspberry Rabbits, one of my all time favourite blogs!

I have been dying to get my hands on this book since Michelle launched it last year, and my daughter must have cottoned onto this (excuse the pun!) as she ordered it for me for Christmas!! It is Folk Art at its best and the patterns have wonderful quirky names like 'Crows Wear Crowns in the Corn' and 'Dragonflies Dance with Dahlias' and my very favourite 'Snails Serenade the Sunflowers"!

Snails Serenade the Sunflowers

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and I cant wait to get stuck in!  Feast your eyes on these snippets, although my photos don't do them justice! (Sorry Michelle, Harrington and Hannah!)

And the second best surprise of the day, was the 'something extra'!

I call this the 'Valdani star!'

Valdani cotton and a piece of felted wool

Does anybody else have the pleasure of owning this awesome book?  Do you self a favour and check it out here if you haven't seen it yet! 

What can I say..... Thanks Monique and Michelle, the two co-conspirators that made my day!! You are stars!


  1. Glad you like it my mother xx

  2. I thought my comment posted the other day. Darn! Not sure where it went.
    Anyway, so glad you like your pressies. You and Monique are treasured friends. Love ya bunches!


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