Sunday, 1 September 2013

More Postcards -

What can I say, they are addictive.  Once you have made one and received one, the bug bites! The possibilities are endless and it is just such fun!!  Here are a few more.


August was crazy patch month.  Here are some details.

This one was to Caroline who sent that amazingly beautiful one that I have featured before

My dear friend Devi has just become a Grannie to a beautiful little boy.  She loves bling, so I blinged this one up to congratulate her and the proud parents.
RECEIVED - Well I think I'll leave those for another day! hehe!  Pop back on Wednesday to see the beautiful ones I have received!



  1. Your blog is looking so lovely! I need your daughters help! Well done! See you soon. Xxx

  2. Thanks! Cant wait to see you!


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