Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An Extraordinary Journey

One of my very favorite bloggers of all time is Michelle May of The Raspberry Rabbits.  I love her work and already have her first book, 'Briarside Lane', which I treasure very much.

When I heard her second book, 'Fabled Fusions', was due out last year in October, I quickly pre-ordered it to make sure I got it come hell or high water!

She was due to post them out at the beginning of October which she duly did.  When I hadn't received my copy by the end of November, I contacted her to find out if she had some kind of a tracking number so that I could try and find out what stage of it's journey it was on..... Michele was horrified to find out I hadn't received it yet as by this time it had been received all over the world by her other customers.

We decided to give until after Christmas to see if it was just the 'Seasonal Post' clog and the take it from there.

To cut a long story short, it still hadn't arrived by Christmas and Michelle, being the amazing person she is, made sure another copy was winging its way to me on the 27 December. A whole month later on 27 January 2014 my book finally arrived!  Imagine my complete astonishment to discover that it was the first book, the one that had gone astray! Four months later it had finally arrived.

Sadly to this day, the second book has still not arrived!

If you look carefully you can see the postal date!

The book is amazing and the projects are sensational.  Do yourselves a favour and visit her blog, the you won't be disappointed

Congratulations Michelle!


  1. I just love reading Raspberry Rabbits! You are so fortunate in having the book. I would love to take a peek sometime! Xxx

  2. I can't believe the second book has not arrived. It was sent priority. It should have been to you within 10 days. I paid over $20 to get it there in 10 days. I wonder where it ends up? So crazy. I'm so glad the first one finally found its way to you. Love you bunches my friend! Happy stitching. :) :) :)


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