Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mug Rug Swap

Last year I joined up for the Quilting Gallery"s 'Fall Inspired Mug Rug Swap'  We had to make 2 mug rugs inspired by fall, be it colours or images, that was up to us!

I was paired with Alisa in Taiwan.  What fun, we exchanged emails and all sorts of other info and away we went! In my rush of selling house, moving and my husband leaving, I neglected to take decent photos of the ones I sent her... the joys of getting old ;)!

Here are the ones she sent me which are lovely!!

The wonderful thing about getting two is that now I have one next to my sewing chair in the lounge....

And the other one next to my computer....

Not only did she send these two beauties, I got some little 'extras' as well. Her blog is worth a visit for sure....

  Thanks Alisa.


  1. I just love your mug mats! So cute. Your new Quilting friend is so generous. Xxxx

  2. Oh how sweet! Love the little russian doll appliqués!


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