Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tips and Tricks for Buttonhole Applique

I LOVE buttonhole applique...always have, always will!  I love the simplicity of the technique and the way the stitching outlines the shapes.  I guess thats my graphic design background shining through:)

Demo Table

My in-progress example

Anyway, when the KZNQG ladies asked me to do a demo at the last meeting, I picked my favourite...buttonhole applique:)  For those of you who know and love the technique like I do, here are my handy hints for buttonhole applique:

Peppa-Jo's Tips and Tricks for Buttonhole Applique

  • Use a nice sharp needle.
  • Always sew anti-clockwise.
  • Use good quality embroidery thread.
  • I prefer to use 1 strand of thread; it seems to give a neater finish but thats only my preference.  You should try with 2 strands and see what you prefer.
  • Keep your stitches evenly spaced and the same length.
  • Use good quality applique paper to avoid the irritation of fabric lifting while you are sewing.  I usually buy mine from the Tollgate Guild.
  • Plan your picture well before hand.  Number each piece and take note of which pieces slot under each other.  Number 1 should be the piece that goes on first and so on...
  • Don't be afraid of small shapes, just make your stitches smaller.

And there you have it!!  Happy Stitching:)

On a personal note, my son and I have taken on the HUGE task of painting the inside of our house!!  If Peppa-Jo is quiet this week its because I am exhausted and covered in paint!!  Luckily we only have two more rooms to go:)

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