Monday, 21 November 2011

Cat Behaving Badly!

Introducing...Cat!  Yup, that’s his name! 

The Cat

He was a stray that moved in with us about three years ago.  We were never a hundred percent sure that he would stay so we never gave him a hundred percent permanent name.  Don’t let that fool you though, Cat aka Keet aka Da Cheet aka Quiche is a spoilt brat and much, much loved.
He has a habit of sitting on, in front of or all over whatever you happen to be working on at the time!  It makes for interesting quilting when a fluffy (and often damp) cat sits on your fabric!  
We have also caught him on the computer keyboard, in the wash basket, in a guitar case and a filing cabinet.  Most bizarrely, I found him sleeping on the kitchen counter, on a plate of food I had covered with a dishcloth and put aside for my son!  Nothing is safe with cat around!!

Cat Behaving Badly

Despite his bad behaviour, he is a constant source of inspiration to my patterns, particularly Beth’s Cats and Fat Cat. 
Just recently, another stray looking for a home has joined us...Fattyboom-boom.  My son picked the name because Fatty is a rather chubby character with a HUGE head!!  While he is not quite at home with us yet, he’s definitely meowed his way into our hearts.


Hope you enjoyed this peek into my life and inspiration. 
PS: Check out the Full Size Patterns page to see the Beth's Cats and Fat Cat patterns.

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