Friday, 16 December 2011

So, How Do You Read Your Magazines?

It always interests me the way different people read their magazines.

Most magazines used to be bought, read and discarded without a second thought!  These days however, one is able to buy specialized magazines that usually cost quite a bit.  All of a sudden they have become precious commodities, definitely not to be trashed without a care.

This is where our different characters emerge in the way we read them.  Often standing in the queue at the tills, I see people deeply engrossed in their magazines.  Not even paid for and yet already half read! They have nothing to look forward to at home! Or worse still are the huddlers at the actual magazine stand who will “read ‘em and leave ‘em”, never to grace a coffee table or bedside stand!

Some will read their magazine from cover to cover, but later, on inspection, you’d swear it has come straight off the shelf. I don’t think they have finger prints!  What about the slashers who read them from cover to cover, then ruthlessly rip out what they want and throw out the leftovers!

Personally, when I buy my quilting mags, I don’t need a preview before paying.  I know my favorites and I know they won’t let me down!  It’s all a bit of a ritual from then on - one that can’t be rushed.  I patiently bide my time till I get home, all the while knowing I have this absolute treasure trove in my bag just waiting to be explored.  The anticipation is rather like a forbidden secret that I happily hug to myself.  Once I reach home, I still don’t open it, the timing has to be right.  The mundane comes first… I unpack the groceries, pat the dog, stroke the cat, do what has to be done so that nothing will disturb me, THEN I put the kettle on!  Once I have a mug of coffee and have settled comfortably into my favorite chair, I allow myself to open it!  After a fairly quick flick through just to wet the old appetite, I finally get down to the serious business of reading, absorbing and oh-ing and ah-ing over all the wonderful projects.        

It doesn’t end there… oh no, for at least two weeks it is constantly within easy reach as I go back to it time and time and time again planning which projects I am going to do before it eventually goes to join the others in Magazineland on my bookshelf.  What a pleasure!  Now, how may sleeps till the next one comes out….?


  1. That is how I read mine, too. And I keep them in a stack in my sewing room and in between new issues I pull out old ones and do the same ritual again. I swear there are things in the old ones I never saw the first hundred times I read the thing.

  2. I do much the same with mine...although mine are music mags! Must be something I learnt from my mother;)


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