Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Alternative Inspiration

As a quilter and patterns designer, I am always looking out for new ideas and new inspiration.  Mine usually comes in the form of my cats, my garden and various quilting magazines to name a few.  We are all differnet though, and differnt things inspire us.  Thats why when my daughter sent me the links below, I just knew I had to share them:

The first one is quilts inspired by the Large Hadron ColliderFor those outside the science loop, like me, the Large Hadron Collider  is the world's largest and highest-energy particle collider.  Its built by Cern and is underground somewhere near Geneva, Switzerland.  You can read more about it here if you are interested.  The quilts reminded me of the beautiful circular quilts I saw at KZNQG last year .  They inspired me to buy the 10 Degree Wedge Ruler which I am hoping to put to good use soon! There is a great book on working with this tool called Quilts Without Corners by Cheryl Phillips.  Anyone want to buy me a gift?  (nudge, nudge, hint, hint family!)

Check out these quilts inspired by the 8-bit versions of the Super Mario Brothers games.  My kids and I used to play this game on those ancient cassette game consoles and it was always so much fun and brings back fond memories!!

And there you have it, some alternative inspiration and proof that you can find a good idea just about anywhere you look!


  1. Glad you liked the links my mother! Now...when are you making me a Super Mario quilt???

  2. First on the list is yor black and red Double Wedding Ring!


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